How to Serve Raw Dog Food

by Wuuf Dog Ambassador Aria

It all started with Aria - our dog, who needed a raw diet to live her best life. We wanted Aria to be around for years so she could always go on adventures, despite her age. 

All of Wuuf Dog's premium raw dog food, treats, and ice cream is made in house utilizing top quality proteins, fruits, and vegetables in small batches. Not only is our dog food healthy, it also tastes great. 

Our food is simple and easy to serve. Keep Wuuf Dog raw food in the freezer until it's ready to serve - defrost and serve. Once defrosted food can be kept in the fridge and served within 5 to 7 days. 

Just like Aria, your pet deserves to eat the purest food available in the market. We use all-natural and premium ingredients in all products that we produce. We prepare our 100% natural raw food with high-quality locally sourced ingredients.